Sustainable Living: Amazing Benefits of Plants

Plants are all around us in nature, so why not bring them indoors to reap the same benefits of plants in your home? Adding some green to your life with indoor plants can increase your mood and overall well-being, and are a lovely way to brighten up any space. We have them in pretty much every room in the house and love them especially in our home office – they are great to have near us while we work.

Health benefits of plants

Purified Air

Plants naturally filter pollutants out of the air, providing cleaner air to breathe. Plants also absorb carbon dioxide from the air during photosynthesis, resulting in increased oxygen levels. Find areas all around your space to put indoor plants. The only challenge will be finding enough sunlight! Alternatively, opt for plants that are more shade tolerant that will survive better in those less well-lit areas of the house.


Plants release water vapor into the air which can help increase indoor humidity levels, helping to reduce respiratory distress. This is especially helpful in cold-weather climates or during the winter months when the air inside is so dry!

Well-Being and Mental Health

We probably don’t even notice this, but one of our favorite benefits of plants is they elevate our mood and help us feel calm and less stressed. If we spend a lot of time in our homes or indoors at work, plants can give us that little taste of nature that is so refreshing.  Simply being near fresh greenery can lead to increased productivity, happiness and health.

For those of us that do not have a green thumb don’t let plants stress you out! That would be opposite of the intended effect here. There really are some plants out there that are hard to kill. Our favorite is the Pothos plant. Even with my neglectful watering schedule, these guys survive great all around the house. They need minimal sun and water, and if they start to look a little wilted, just a bit of water will perk them right back up.

The other great thing about these plants is they grow quickly and just taking a small cutting a putting it in a glass of water will be the start of another plant for another part of your house. Totally stress free!

Zero waste ideas

What to pot plants in?

Plants provide a great opportunity to bring zero waste into your home décor. Specifically, there are many zero waste options for potting, both in your home and in your garden, many of which don’t have to break the bank. One of our favorite things about plants is they allow us to easily upcycle unused, broken or chipped mugs, jars or glasses. We have way too many mugs in our kitchen, but we can’t bear to give some of them away. A great solution is to use some of your favorites for small planters. All you need is a little soil!

There really is no limit to what can be used as a planter. If you are looking for a more traditional pot, secondhand stores or garage sales are perfect for finding pots for plants. Purchasing a new pot is often expensive, but pots that are second hand are often in just as good a shape as new, are a fraction of the cost and are a great way of keeping these items out of the landfill.

Another great thing about plants is they are zero waste at end of life.  As opposed to other home décor that has nowhere to go but the landfill once it is passed its prime, plants can be composted naturally to return back to the soil.

Plant an herb garden

If you’re feeling ambitious, try planting a home herb garden. Either indoors, outdoors, small or large, growing herbs at home is a huge zero waste win. Not only do they add to the sustainability of your home-décor, but they are edible and can contribute to your overall health – another one of the many benefits of plants! This is great for the planet because there is a lot less waste produced by picking fresh herbs from your plant than purchasing a plastic wrapped bundle at the store. This will help you save money and reduce food waste. We know we can never use up a whole bundle of store-bought herbs before they go bad.

Divide and Share

New plants can be expensive! Especially mature or large plants. My favorite part about plants is that many can be turned into new plants just by taking a small cutting from another plant or dividing the plant at its roots. This works for both indoor and outdoor plants. No need to buy all of your plants new, just swap cuttings with your friends or neighbors and see your plant supply grow, both inexpensively and with less waste.

Seed saving is another option for reducing costs and minimizing waste. If you have annual plants, rather than purchasing new each year, wait until the end of the season and the flowers dry up, grab the seeds, make sure they are dry and store them until next planting season.